Alachua County Rainwater Samples
Test positive for aluminum

Testing for BARIUM and ALUMINUM in
soils, surface and rain water made simple
at UF IFAS Soil/water Labs.
(Florida only)
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National Lab
Reddington, California
March 1, 2011

TO:            Alachua County Commissioners
CC:           Chris Bird, Gus Olmos
FROM:      Bob Palmer, Chairman - Environmental Protection Advisory Committee (EPAC)
SUBJ:       EPAC’s Investigation of Chemtrails


Local resident Harold Saive testified to the County Commission in November, 2010 about the alleged threat to Alachua County’s
environment presented by “chemtrails”, which he defines as “the aircraft spraying of Welsbach seeding patented formula containing
barium and aluminum”.  The Commission referred the matter to EPAC.  On February 8, 2001, EPAC discussed “chemtrails” with Mr. Saive
and other interested parties for over an hour.  It is EPAC’s recommendation that neither the Commission nor any County agency should
take action on “chemtrails” at this time.
Complete letter to BoCC

The EPAC committee, chaired by Dr. Bob Palmer, made several recommendations to our group: Coalition Against Geoenginneering
(CAG).  A few ideas are based on analysis of data already collected  for Local,  National and State monitoring programs:

      Comb through the data bases generated by the 30-year Federal acid rain research and monitoring program.  The program has
extensive information on trends in soil and surface water chemistry (including aluminum chemistry) over much of the US;

2        Encourage “chemtrails” experts to publish their material in peer-reviewed journals;

3        Contact  IFAS, the Florida Department of Agriculture, the Florida Department of Environment Protection and others to access their
extensive data bases on pH and other soil readings in Florida over the past decades;

4        Contact local farm bureaus to get anecdotal information from local farmers about soil and water trends;

5       Peruse the data bases of Lake Watch, which takes monthly samples throughout Florida;

6        Since the phenomena in question allegedly reduce sunlight, contact NASA and the Department of Energy to access their long-term
data bases on solar insolation;

7        For the past six years, EPAC Chairman Bob Palmer was a Trustee of the University Corporation of Atmospheric Research, which
operates the world’s premier atmospheric research laboratory in the world in Boulder, Colorado and conducts approximately $400 million
annually in atmospheric research and services.  Palmer attended his last meeting as a Board member in late February, 2011 and offered
to raise any questions with UCAR scientists that Mr. Saive suggested.  [Mr. Saive had two weeks to forward such questions but did not
avail himself of this opportunity].

The list above is a partial list of items that citizens interested in “chemtrails” might pursue to solidify their claims.  Without more tangible
evidence supporting this theory, it would be unwise to direct Alachua County agencies to expend time and resources investigating these
claims, especially given the current budgetary climate and the many serious environmental issues in Alachua County which these
agencies are charged with investigating and/or correcting.
Coalition Against Geoengineering meetng with the Environmental Protection Advisory Committee (EPAC) for the
purpose of informing the Alachua County Environmental Protection Department of possible airborne toxins as a public
health issue -  and to obtain recommendations on how to proceed with ruling out the fallout of Aluminum and Barium
toxins associated with similar Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG) concluded to be the culprit in the Mount
Shasta region of northern California.
CAG RESPONSE to EPAC RECOMMENDATIONS.  Entries are updated as progress and budget permits.

As of March, 2011 several soil samples from various Alachua County locations were analyzed. Preliminary test results
show Aluminum and Barium in high concentrations consistent with soil analysis from the Mt. Shasta investigators.  
When complete, the full report will be available to the public.
1 -  Fedaral Acid Rain Reasearch and Monitoring
2 - At this point, the nature of the classified military Stratospheric Atmomospheric Geoengineering (SAG) operation
precludes access to data necessary to produce a conclusive, peer-reviewed body of work.  However, the Mt. Shasta
investigators have robust lab data to conclude that toxins of Aluminum and Barium in snow and surface waters  can
only be associated with the Jet spray of SAG aerosols that contain Aluminum oxide as called for in the
seeding patent for the reduction of global warming.

Also, the presence of Barium and Aluminum has been confirmed to drive soil pH into a neutral, more alkaline state.
This prevalent condition is documented by the Mt. Shasta group in more than 25 lab results.
3 - In progress
4 - In progress
5 -
Florida Lake Watch  "Citizen Scientist"
6 - Before contacting NASA and DOE, solar expert, Dane Wigington authored an article where a reduction of charging
rate of 25% to 30% was measured on days when SAG operations were interfering with the charging rate of his solar
energy system.  In march, 2011 this issue was brought to the attention of principals at
 SOLAR IMPACT, Inc. of Florida.
7 - In consultation with the Mt. Shasta SAG investigators, we were advised that Dr. Palmer's generous offer would  be a
duplication of efforts already initiated by the California group

As to the recommendation for more "tangible" evidence in the issue of SAG, we can only conclude that almost none of
the substantial backup documentation was reviewed by committee members.
For example:

a - The legislative history of "Chemtrails" is established fact in HR 2977, authored by Rep., Dennis Kucinich as the
"Space Preservation Act of 2001". Although the term "Chemtrails" is validated by definition in HR 2977, the term falls
under a the broader, classified military initiative called
Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG).

b - The Welsbach patent for Global Warming specifies aluminum oxide as the active dispersant and is registered with
the US patent office..

c - The "Case Orange" report and the 300 page Index of backup material authored by a team of aerospace engineers
concluded that SAG (Chemtrails) is "real" and not a hoax.

d - The Documentary: "What in the World Are They spraying" makes reference to data in the public domain to confirm
SAG is an ongoing military operation of a covert nature but taking place in plain sight of billions of civilian populations
on all continents.

These are a few of the data submitted to EPAC that were apparently not reviewed by members.

Note: In his letter to the BoCC, Dr. Palmer makes an interesting conclusion that appears to contradict the
claims of the Welsbach patent inventor(s):  

    "It is curious that these alleged operations are termed “Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering”, since small-
    scale attempts to modify the stratosphere (6-30 miles above the Earth) would not be expected to result in
    significant changes in weather, which is largely a phenomenon of the atmosphere.

While Dr. Palmer may have special knowledge in the field of atmospheric science, we feel it's essential to challenge his
conclusion with the claims of the Welsbach patent inventor(s).
The Abstract states:

    "A method is described for reducing atmospheric or global warming resulting from the presence of heat-trapping
    gases in the atmosphere, i.e., from the greenhouse effect. Such gases are relatively transparent to sunshine,
    but absorb strongly the long-wavelength infrared radiation released by the earth. The method includes the step
    of seeding the layer of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere with particles of materials characterized by
    wavelength-dependent emissivity. Such materials include Welsbach materials and the oxides of metals which
    have high emissivity (and thus low reflectivities) in the visible and 8-12 micron infrared wavelength regions.".

In immense contrast to Dr. Palmer's comment, the Welsbach seeding patent is clearly intended to change the weather
on a
global scale through global atmospheric seeding.

We can only conclude that backup material made available to EPAC weeks ahead of the meeting was ignored.
ARTICLE:  Lab Tests in Alachua County Positive For Aluminum in Rainwater
This excellent  Medline article describes
aluminum toxicity as ingested through the
GI tract., however, does not describe
toxicity resulting from the exotic form of
nano-aluminum oxide particles that
chronically infect the human body through
the respiratory system in an atmosphere
loaded with aluminum (and barium)
aerosols on a daily basis.

"Up to this time, no biological function has been
attributed to this metal, and, more importantly,
aluminum accumulation in tissues and organs
results in their dysfunction and toxicity.   
Aluminum is absorbed from the GI tract in the
form of oral phosphate-binding agents. If a
significant load exceeds the body's excretory
capacity, the excess is deposited in various
tissues, including bone, brain, liver, heart,
spleen, and muscle. This accumulation causes
morbidity and mortality through various
Jan, 2012 - Carnicom Institute  has
isolated an exotic and engineered
environment that uses iron in red blood
cells as the host with damaging
consequences to respiration through

Mar, /2011:  Carniciom Institute analysis
concludes with compelling certainty that
environmental filament samples and the
filaments characteristic of the "Morgellons"
1987 reference in Bernard Eastlund
HAARP patent to nuclear detonations
testing in near space environment and
deployment of
Barium 137.

"It has also been proposed to release
large clouds of barium in the
magnetosphere so that photoionization
will increase the cold plasma density,
thereby producing electron precipitation
through enhanced whistler-mode

"For example, in the late 1950's and early
1960's both the United States and U.S.S.R.
detonated a series of nuclear devices of
various yields togenerate large numbers
of charged particles at various
altitudes,e.g., 200 kilometers (km) or
RESEARCH PG 1 - Alachua County EDP (EPAC) Research recommendations and Rainwater Lab Reports
RESEARCH PG 2 - Documentary: WHAT IN TE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING and How to Collect Rain Water Samples
RESEARCH PG 3 - Compiled Documents and Articles  as Evidence for Covert operations
RESEARCH PG 4 - CASE ORANGE - Belfort Group Chemtrail investigation with extensive documentation